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There has got to be common ground. I have started this blog to give people a place to tell their stories...positive stories . Too often we are mired down in the hows and whys, causes and cures. It is easy to forget that we are talking about people. One of the misconceptions that I have run into is that because I have children with disabilities-I am not allowed to have joy-nor are my children allowed to be joyful. Some of the comments I have received after relaying a funny story or anecdote...well you would think I had been kicking kittens.
So here are the rules. Anyone can submit a story,OR just a couple of sentences,OR a list of five great things either about their children or themselves. It must be positive, There will be no discusion of causes, cures, treatments, etc. There are more than enough places for that. Mean people will be deleted. If you are interested in taking part in this adventure please submit your story to please no pictures or video-lets keep it simple.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kicking Kittens gets an award!!

  Isn't that nice?  Scott from "On The Spectrum"( A really unique, funny and positive webcomic/blog) nominated kicking kittens for this award. I am thrilled.  I started this blog a little over a year ago.  The idea was to have a place for people whether they were bloggers or not to tell a positive story about themselves or their kids. People with disabilities, like anyone else in the human race, have dreams, thoughts, ideas, accomplishments...and far too often that is forgotten. No one is "less then" because of disability. That is the point of this blog.  The people who have participated thus far whether it be in a post or a comment have made this the wonderful and positive place that it is. So this award is shared by everyone.

   Unfortunately, someone (who has never been here) took offense to the award because of the blog title. Not understanding the meaning behind it. They thought it awful that with so much violence in the world etc. a blog with the title "kicking kittens" was somehow horrid and disrespectful. I tried to explain the reasoning behind it-it is even posted very clearly on top for all to see. Sadly, they chose not to come over-and instead decided to lambaste me with criticism. I needed to "Act like an adult" "Put on my big girl panties" "Grow up" and even went as far as saying that the title was the same as calling it "Raping autistic children". Unfortunately, people believe what they want to believe-and sometimes nothing will change their mind-ever. I can't stop that.  What I can do however, is continue to find and share all the positive stories that I find and post them here. So I will.

  In order to accept this award-I need to share seven things about myself that you wouldn't know-and then nominate three blogs for this award.  So here goes...

1)  This is my cat "Joe" I have never kicked him.
2) I kicked the diaper habit and have been wearing "big girl" panties for about 43 years.  Now, 43 years is just a guesstimate-but I clearly remember being three years old and trying to pee standing up like my playmate, Billy-and wound up being mortified because I couldn't.
3)  I have kicked butt playing pool. Although I have mostly had my butt kicked. Before I had children, I played pool avidly. I also worked in a billiards hall- learning from and playing with professionals. (thus my butt getting kicked)  I still own my own cue.
4) I have three dogs.  Last year I inadvertently kicked one of them in bare feet.  The dog just looked at me-I however broke my toe.
5) I have never learned how to "kick back" and relax. I am constantly moving. I have a very difficult time sitting still. This makes me no fun to go to the movies with...or sit next to(I'm always squirming) I am most happy when I am busy.
6) I was never any good at soccer. I have trouble kicking and running at the same time. I was however given the "most valuable player award" for both basketball and softball my senior year of high school. 
7)  Before I had settled down-I was quite the carefree party girl. I didn't give much thought to my health or my safety. Then I got married and had kids.  There is nothing that makes you question your mortality more than having children does. I worry about "kicking the bucket" before they are ready to be on their own.

  So there you have it-seven kicking things about me that you never knew...Now on to the fun part. I have to nominate three blogs for this award. There are so many to choose from. Here goes..

1) Welcome to the roller coaster ride I think she is wonderful..

2) Floortime Lite Mama Her writing is like beautiful poetry.

3)Out of the Fog She is incredibly informative and personable AND she offered to take my Lima beans off my hands.

So there you have it.  Seven things and three blogs. As always, I would love submissions from anyone interested.  It can be an old blog post you liked..a new one..even if you don't blog but want to tell your story. As long as it is positive-you have a welcome place here. 


Kim Wombles said...

Those are seven awesomely kicking things about you! And three lovely blogs! :-) Hee, you forever delight me!

Autism Mom Rising said...

Congratulations! Great job. And really....clearly the name is ironic people! I cannot wrap my brain around these mommy wars. Not at all.

Floortime Lite Mama said...

thank you so much for your very kind words
I will def do this
Loves reading your 7 things and look forward to reading the other two blogs you nominated
I love all your writing and its obvious that the title of your blog is meant to be funny and tongue in cheek

Angela said... are like a best friend to me, even though we are only blogger friends.

Thank you for nominating my blog! :)

mamafog said...

Loved reading your 7 things, and I love the name of this blog. Don't let cranky pants posters get you down.

Thanks so much for the kind words and the nomination. I will do this also.

Lizbeth said...

Oh my gosh, I love this!!!!

kathleen said...

Thanks everyone!