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There has got to be common ground. I have started this blog to give people a place to tell their stories...positive stories . Too often we are mired down in the hows and whys, causes and cures. It is easy to forget that we are talking about people. One of the misconceptions that I have run into is that because I have children with disabilities-I am not allowed to have joy-nor are my children allowed to be joyful. Some of the comments I have received after relaying a funny story or anecdote...well you would think I had been kicking kittens.
So here are the rules. Anyone can submit a story,OR just a couple of sentences,OR a list of five great things either about their children or themselves. It must be positive, There will be no discusion of causes, cures, treatments, etc. There are more than enough places for that. Mean people will be deleted. If you are interested in taking part in this adventure please submit your story to please no pictures or video-lets keep it simple.

Monday, March 29, 2010

From Sirenity at

Its a typical day

"Muuuummmmmm!!!!!! Muuummmmm!!!! Guuuueessssss what I have!!!"

I look over and see my youngest child waving his arms at me, papers in one hand, Science Fair Medal in the other. He is bouncing on his toes in excitement.

Glancing around I see several other children doing simular versions of the 'Mommy look at me" dance.

As little man heads towards me several kids stop and talk to him. One child in particular walks him the rest of the way to the car. I try to smother a grin, Little Man is still not sure about this friend. This friend is a GIRL and she has informed him, myself and all that will listen that she fully intends to be Little Man's girlffirend if he would only LISTEN TO HER!

Little man gets to the car, tolerates a light hug from me then pushes me away with 'that look' that all boys seem to get at this age.

"Moom guesssss what!!!" He yells at me.

"Can I come over today" Interrupts his gal pal.

"I'm talking first!" Little man turns on her, very serious. "When having conversations you should let each person have their turn without interrupting."

"Mom guess what?!" He restarts.

Me, laughing, " What? Did you win the Nobel Prize?"

"Mom, I have not submitted anything for THAT contest. I have to make a bridge!"

(Turns out the excitement was not for the B he received for the FIRST story he has written without a scribe, or for the medal for his science fair project. Rather, he was excited because he found a science club. And this club has a contest. With 100 popsicle sticks you must build a bridge that spans 24 inches. Whoever builds the bridge that withstands the most weight wins a cash prize and an article in their magazine.

And let me tell you, Little Man can build things.)

Regardless, his gal pal comes over, they ride bikes with Big Sister going with them.

Its a day like any other, really-regardless of his disabilities, his labels of ADHD, PDD-NOS and Pragmatic disorder.

Yes there are bad days. Days when he can't focus, he is frustrated and angry. Days when he has struggled hard with social situations at school and is tearful and confused.

But my home is filled with love and laughter, all of my children are healthy and have warm and giving hearts. I would not trade away Little Man's autism, I am not willing to live wihtout bunny humour, bee events and the innovative thought process he has.

Just as I would not trade The Princess's artisitc ability or leadership (sometimes known as bullying) personality skills

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