The rules

There has got to be common ground. I have started this blog to give people a place to tell their stories...positive stories . Too often we are mired down in the hows and whys, causes and cures. It is easy to forget that we are talking about people. One of the misconceptions that I have run into is that because I have children with disabilities-I am not allowed to have joy-nor are my children allowed to be joyful. Some of the comments I have received after relaying a funny story or anecdote...well you would think I had been kicking kittens.
So here are the rules. Anyone can submit a story,OR just a couple of sentences,OR a list of five great things either about their children or themselves. It must be positive, There will be no discusion of causes, cures, treatments, etc. There are more than enough places for that. Mean people will be deleted. If you are interested in taking part in this adventure please submit your story to please no pictures or video-lets keep it simple.

Monday, March 29, 2010

looking for submissions...

Anyone who has a story, idea, anecdote, thought, opinion, adventure, point of view..I'm looking for submissions!

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Scott Lynn said...

Sorry, I don;'t have much to offer HERE, but what you are describing is pretty much the entire comic strip I write over at "On the spectrum."


(Hopefully you don't consider that spam!) ;)